EXTREME MOISTURE – JMsolution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask Review

I didn’t think I would ever complain about being too moist, but BOY was I wrong.

Recommended for: People with skin much drier than mine

The T&T at Metrotown, Vancouver recently imported these bad bitches. A whole line of them. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. AND ALL OF THEM SEEMED LEGIT.

Kudos to the graphic designer responsible for these packages, because they’ve really nailed that visual message of “we’re not messing around, you plebs“. I spent about 4.6 seconds gazing longingly at them before realizing they were on sale and I could completely afford to snatch several varieties off the shelves. It seems they’re normally ~27CAD per box of 10 anyway. And they’re actually pretty popular in East Asia already. They’re known for being PACKED with essence. I’ll be reviewing them one by one.

I chose the brightening mask because my sleep schedule has been crap and I, uhhhh, am trying to pretend like it isn’t.

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