EXTREME MOISTURE – JMsolution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask Review

I didn’t think I would ever complain about being too moist, but BOY was I wrong.

Recommended for: People with skin much drier than mine

The T&T at Metrotown, Vancouver recently imported these bad bitches. A whole line of them. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. AND ALL OF THEM SEEMED LEGIT.

Kudos to the graphic designer responsible for these packages, because they’ve really nailed that visual message of “we’re not messing around, you plebs“. I spent about 4.6 seconds gazing longingly at them before realizing they were on sale and I could completely afford to snatch several varieties off the shelves. It seems they’re normally ~27CAD per box of 10 anyway. And they’re actually pretty popular in East Asia already. They’re known for being PACKED with essence. I’ll be reviewing them one by one.

I chose the brightening mask because my sleep schedule has been crap and I, uhhhh, am trying to pretend like it isn’t.

When they said it’s a 3-step mask, they literally mean it has 3 separate steps to it. That’s neat. Really makes you feel as if it’s totally gonna work or something.

The product description says this mask contains “marine energy with vitality from pure Kangwon-do deep sea water”.

All right.

I’m going to go ahead and check the actual ingredients list.

CosDNA is a great website for getting a general idea of the intimidating-seeming scientific ingredients in beauty products. Don’t worry about understanding ALL of it. You basically just need to check for acne-rousers and irritants. Though, note: just because the site labeled an ingredient as one of those (on a scale of 1-4), it doesn’t mean they’re destined to make you break out. It’s just a good idea to be mindful before and after you try a product.

Step 1, the Marine Waterfull Essence, has a gooey but light consistency that spreads nicely over the face without dripping.

Major ingredients are –

  • Glycerol: Substance found naturally in skin, keeps cells hydrated, helps skin absorb other substances
  • Dipropylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Olea Europaea Fruit (Olive) Oil: Moisturizers
  • Butylene Glycol: Dissolves dirt
  • Hydrolyzed collagen: Major protein component of skin
  • Pearl Extract: Has brightening properties
  • Undaria Pinnatifida Extract,Codium Fragile Extract, Enteromorpha Compressa Extract, Laminaria Japonica Extract: Seaweed extracts, which are packed with nutrients and minerals. Softens skin, anti-wrinkle.
  • Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: Small molecule that naturally exists in skin to keep it hydrated
  • Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate: Smaller, water-soluble form of hyaluronic acid, a molecule that naturally occurs ins kin and holds 1000 times its weight in moisture


It felt nice to pack something extra under the mask for a boosted effect. And even after fishing the mask out of its pouch, there was a SHIT LOAD of essence left over. I slathered that all over my face and my neck. And my arms. And my boobs.

They really don’t fuck around with their moisture, you guys.

Step 2, the actual sheet mask, clung effortlessly to my face. The material it was made out of was pretty nice. The ingredients are mostly the same as the essence, but with a few more substances dedicated to helping absorption. I know sheet masks tell you to leave them on for 15-30 minutes, but I generally forget about them until they start loosening off my face (when it’s damp dry, not crusty dry. don’t ever leave a mask on until it’s crusty dry.). This one lasted for… *checks times of photos* AN HOUR AND A HALF I’M GODDAMN MESS.

As soon as I took the mask off, there seemed to STILL be too much essence left on my face to absorb naturally (AFTER AN HOUR AND A HALF!!). But the package specifically said DO NOT RINSE, so I didn’t. I even added Step 3, the All Face Eye Cream (why not just call it an all-face cream??)

Big mistake.

Not only was the eye cream irritating to my eyes, my face was oily for HOURS.

To give this mask the benefit of a doubt, I tried it again 2 days later, but washed off the remnants this time and didn’t add Step 3.

Within 30 seconds, I concluded that this brought a much better result.

Within 60 seconds, I realized why the hell did I even submerge my face in all this, I DON’T HAVE A MOISTURE PROBLEM.

So, uh, yeah. This was not the mask for me. My skin is already so oily it probably has the CIA’s attention. And not the kind of oily that happens because of dehydration. The glands in my T zone are genetically overactive. I came for the brightening aspect, but I don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of rinsing it off each time.

If you’re struggling with flakiness or dry tightness on your face though, try this out! All that extreme moisture will probably do something for you.